Wednesday, August 8, 2007


For the few visitors so far, yes, the template has changed - the other was too narrow and sometimes you're going to need a broad mind to read this blog. At some stage, I will shed some light on why I've been withdrawn from the world in recent months. Right now, it is still a little hard to do.

I was asked today why I started a new blog (by a non-blogger). I replied that a blogger would understand - it is like moving house and making fresh start. I want this one to be a positive and regenerative effort - there was not much of that happening for that girl I used to know.

Too tired to link and illustrate so I'll just list :)
Poddy: Power, Corruption & Lies - New Order
Dogs: 0 :(
Minis: 3
Feeling: Tired, lethargic, hormonal but still kinda happy :)


poet said...

sometimes, it takes a step back to step forward. i hope all is well. i have been checking, may i update my link for htis blog?

poet said...

i wish i could spell. actually, i have no problem spelling, it is all about typos really.

3rd daughter said...

of course you may update your link poet, thank you. i have a lot of catching up to do as i have been very neglectful of all blogs, not just my own.

tien said...

hey, i'm back again. anyway, it's alright to have a fresh start. new beginnings, new story, right? so go ahead and enjoy your new lease of life. so update every now and then. i admit, i'm a poor blog friend, but i'd like to keep in touch with the only few blog friends i've made so far.

Team Gherkin said...

Nice to see you back around again. You've been missed! I keep taking blogging breaks as well. It'll be nice to rennect with you this way again.
Mal :)