Sunday, August 19, 2007


I've had a fairly quiet weekend - the weather has been rather miserable. There were plans to drive up to Palm Beach with MattR, HarryO and MissE but that was put off until a sunnier day.

It has been so long since I have done the regular blogthing, I don't quite know what to tell you. Looking back at previous posts, I can start with the weight loss. Since March, I've hit very long, flat plateau where I've gained and lost the same kilogram or two every week and I lost my motivaton for a while. I went for my first weigh-in in seven weeks last Wednesday and was glad to see the scales register a 0.7kg loss. In those seven weeks, I hardly did any exercise and ate way too much stuff that I should avoiding. The loss gave me the motivation to start again.

The friendship with Mr Wednesay Night is good. Despite some pretty ordinary behaviour on my part, we have survived and I'm happy with that.

Have not done this for a while...

Unconcious Mutterings - I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Darling :: river
2. Majesty :: HMAS
3. Pebble :: quartz
4. Fate :: destiny
5. Instant :: karma
6. Screen :: test
7. Unplugged :: acoustic
8. Dairy :: milk
9. Benefactor :: sugar daddy
10. Market :: paddington

audio: lastfm radio
video: the illusionist, little miss sunshine, hot fuzz
feeling: pretty good :)


meowminx said...

I like your mutterings for this week :)


a.k.a. Zooomabooma said...

So does the Darling River empty into Darling Harbour? I guess if I clicked the link I'd find out... hold on.... nope, I guess not but I did learn it's the longest river in Australia... i did not know that!

See ya :)

3rd daughter said...

Thanks for visiting, Meowminx and zoomabooma :)

Shirl said...

hey this is cool! Great to see ou muttering!!!!

dawn said...

loved your mutterings and the links. Happy Sunday.

tien said...

hey! finally, we saw you doing your mutterings as well! well, i said "as well" because i didn't do my mutterings for a period of time too...haha. great mutterings!

anyway, for your weight loss, it's actually better if you do static exercises. running or jogging actually burns away your muscle mass before burning away your fats. and for weigh loss, muscles actually play an important part. oh, and be sure to eat cauliflower, broccoli and vegetables that are bright in color. and drink lots of milk as well, to replace the calcium that is lost during your weight management program. :D

and it's ok if your weight hits a stagnant plateau. it means your body is adjusting itself and preparing to descend to the next weight plateau. so you should be rejoicing instead!

anyway, if you are wondering why i saying all this, i'm actually a qualified weight management consultant. :D so, all the best for your weight management program and don't be too stressed, alright?

Team Gherkin said...

Ya. Palm Beach in the rain is a kinda take-it-or-leave-it kinda trip! Glad ur Mr Wednesday Night is still going well. That's great for you. Yay! :)
Mal :)

Susan said...

Howdy! So good to see you back and it's great that you're feeling in a good place in your life.