Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Why 'Skiing in Bolivia'?

I was talking to my dear friend HarryO the other night and he expressed concern at my lack of blogging. I decided that if I was going to blog again, I'd have to start afresh but had no idea of what the name should be. Later on, while tossing and turning, trying to sleep, a fragment of a drunken conversation from London 1990 came back to me - my Canadian/English friend Mike was talking about going skiing in Bolivia and while I knew there was something fundamentally wrong with the location, it took me forever to work out that he actually meant Bulgaria. With the blog naming dilemma de-horned, sleep came easy.

What's on the Pod Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
How many dogs did I see today? 2 How many minis did I see today? 3
How am I feeling today? Surprisingly, quite happy :)


Alice said...

I just thought you should know how very nice it is to "see" you again :)
I hope you had a good workday and if you want to see a cute doggypic please go to my blog :)

tien said...

hey! finally, some news! i was worried about you and wondering where you are. anyway, hope to hear more from you

low cost skiing said...

yea wow I;ve actually heard a bit about you, not too much but just enough :)
I hope you had a great time doing what you were doing, but enjoy your time.