Monday, September 3, 2007

Please Amuse Yourselves

I'm off to Melbourne for two days :) While I'm there, I plan to see this exhibition and have a wee blog/flickrmeet.

Before I go, here are some Unconcious Mutterings - I say ... and you think ... ?

1. Scrabble :: The Man in Blue
2. NyQuil :: Benadryl
3. Roadtrip :: Palm Beach
4. Idiot :: Village
5. Bandages :: Mummy
6. Series :: The Lakes
7. Summer :: of Love
8. Prompt :: Tele...
9. September :: My favourite month
10. Chicken :: Tonight


Shirl said...

Yehaw! We want pictures! Lots and lots of pictures!

Tien said...

ditto shirl on that! lotsa lotsa pictures! and of course, ENJOY YOURSELF!!!

Alice said...

I started reading your blog, clicked 'man in blue' and that was me for hours! You lead me astray, I love being lead astray :) I hope you are having a fantastic Melbourne trip!

Julie said...

Are you back yet? I don't have your email address but, as you have mine, can you send me a copy of the pic you took of me? Then I can send the pic of you back to you.

Team Gherkin said...

Hope all went well in 'Mexico" for you!
Mal :)

Susan said...

We're all anxious to read about your adventures in Melbourne!