Sunday, October 14, 2007


Excuse me while I waffle on...

Using public transport to get to the places I have to go means that I have plenty of free time to think some more about the stuff that has changed in my head. I realise that the anxiety has also gone. I used to get all wound up (usually over nothing at all) and end up in a fog as I would almost hold my breath. It seemed like I was breathing just enough to remain conscious, leaving little room for any sort of rational thought. There have been some events that in previous times have left me limp and useless, yet the same situations in recent times were far less stressful.

I sometimes fear that the depression and anger and anxiety will come back and swamp me again but somewhere deep within, I'm kinda certain that it wont. I guess the only person who can prevent that happening is me :)

Consciously Muttering madly to myself...

1. Illicit :: Drugs
2. Go :: Stay
3. Jacket :: Leather - edit: doh!! fixed this one :)
4. Blow :: Job - the first word that came to mind *blush*
5. Coach :: Greyhound
6. Effort :: Joint
7. Leadership :: Skills
8. Snore :: Roar &...
9. Fearless :: Jeff Bridges
10. Network :: Social


Alice said...

This post makes me feel happy. Just take a deep breath and smile with me :)

Shirl said...

makes me happy too. I think you're in the clear, dear.

and I had to laugh at the Blow!

Tien said...

i'm not surprised if half the people thought of that and wrote it down while the other half blushed and gave another answer instead. wait a minute...doesn't that include me since i'm also doing mutterings? *scratches head and frowns*

BookGal said...

no matches but blow was funny.

Zooomabooma said...

i never mention matches in my comments to other mutterers... but we matched! finally someone (on #4) ... although I didn't put it in mine... but at first I had "[censored]"

see ya :)

Team Gherkin said...

Glad to see you're in brighter spirits. It's been a long journey for you :)
Mal :)

Sujaco said...


Susan, a current picture will be just fine. I had in mind to see what it
looks like outdoors where we live now.