Sunday, October 7, 2007

Not Drowning, Waving...

No, I have not disappeared in a puff of smoke. I still exist. So much has changed yet so much remains the same.

Where do I begin? Something happened and it happened so fast that I cannot identify the exact moment it happened. The best description I can give is that the stored anger and misery that I have contained within my emotional (and physical) person for so long has vanished, just like that. The puff of smoke happened but it left ME behind.

For the first time in ages I am happy. Pure and simple, happy. I like my life.

Since this strange event, good things have happened.

On a whim (and due to the power of internet advertising), I booked myself a two day trip to Melbourne to see an exhibition of works from the Guggenheim musuems. While there, I had a wee blog/flickr meet with the lovely Julie at the 2nd hand bookstore where she works (lucky duck!) - that is her at the top, where we sent a greeting across the universe to the our mutual friend, Shirl. (Hello Shirl :) - this blogpost is especially for you.)

I won tickets to see Steely Dan in a radio quiz. It was 6.10 in the morning and I called up and the phone rang and rang. I hung up thinking I had called the wrong number and immediately cursed myself for being so daft. A minute or two later, the phone rang - it was the girl from the radio station calling back to say they had had a contestant drop out and I was in :) The questions were pretty easy and when I won, I just knew that I was meant to be there.

The best news of all - I have a new job. It is in the same company but in a different team. It involves digging and poking to find out the wheres and whys of a particular problem that has happened and then working on fixing it. Very hard to describe but it is the kind of stuff I like to do :) There is even a small payrise involved!

I'm not saying that my life is now perfect and I don't expect that it ever will be but the horizon no longers seems so daunting.


Alice said...

Woot! So good to hear all is well with you :) If you are on msn at all, look out for me, it would be lovely to have a catch up!

Tien said...

well, it all happens to us every now and then, i supposed. so i bet you are having fun with your life now? :D

Shirl said...

oh man, susan, this is just a fantastic post!!! **dabbing eyes** I am so happy for you. There seemed something so cool about your trip, the pictures on the plane, I dunno. Way to go, girl!

**waves at Julie**

and the new job is absolutely perfect for you.

Thank you ever so much for sharing this. Thank you for the wonderful goodie box. Thank you for being you!!!

Julie said...

I was so hoping you'd keep forgetting to post that pic. Thanks for cropping out the hips though!! :)

PS I think you made Shirl a little bit happy. ;)